•  Condor Group can facilitate in getting the credit facility for the services like
    RNFC (Route & Navigation Facilitation Charges), TNLC (Terminal Navigation
    & Landing Charges) and Aircraft Landing & Parking Fee with AAI (Airports
    Authority of India).
  • Condor Group can also facilitate the billing process from AAI for stuffing, de-
    stuffing and trans-shipment charges by opening a Pre-Deposit Account with
  • Condor Group can provide export documentation, monitoring and ULD
    supervision services.
  • Condor Group can facilitate Import Documentation handling and issuance of
    delivery orders to consignees.
  •  Condor Group can also facilitate the services of sending Cargo Arrival Notices
    to the consignees.
  •  Condor Group can assist in entering into a SGHA (Standard Ground Handling
    Agreement) with Ramp Handlers and Cargo Handling Agreement with service
  •  IMP (Interline Messaging Procedure) e.g. for FFM/FHL/FWB transmission, a
    formal contract can be facilitated by Condor Group through a government
    approved vendor for EDI transmissions.
  • Condor Group can get the cargo screening agreement done with a regulated
    agent at cargo complex.
  • Condor Group can facilitate the signing a contract with BCAS approved
    aircraft security providers.


  • Condor Group can get Two Letter Code & AWB registered with Indian
    Customs for EDI purposes.
  • Condor Group can get the cargo entry gate clearance from Customs in
    tandem with the Warehouse Operators.
  • Efficient and experienced cargo operations staff.
  • Knowledge of special cargo requirements.
  • Liaise with transit/ destination station.
  • Update the customer with delivery details.
  • High standard of customer service.


  • Close liaison with handling and trucking companies to maintain high standard
    service levels.
  • Monitor handling companies to maximize revenue.
  • Experienced planning of available capacity on flights.
  • Supervision of special cargo checks.


  • Acknowledgment of each request received from customers.
  • Prompt acknowledgement /investigation of each request.
  • Process formal claims in accordance with airline procedures.


  • Punctual and accurate payments on agreed dates.
  •  All supplier and airline invoices centrally controlled.
  • Financial reporting issued on agreed dates.